Mettle’s mission is to provide the best¬†atmosphere possible for improving at powerlifting, strongman, strongwoman, weightlifting, bodybuilding, general fitness and health. We believe it is necessary to provide a bridge between a box gym and a private studio; to take the best of both of these worlds and discard everything people often grow out of in these settings. We will accomplish this by offering the best equipment, staff and environment we can. What sets Mettle apart from other gyms is our sense of community. Our membership is much smaller than regular box gyms. This allows a personal feel between coaches,¬†staff and members and develops strong relationships that help us push each other to much higher heights in our development.

Members have 24-hour access to Mettle and access to the following equipment:

***MANY places to squat***

***IPF Competition spec powerlifting combo racks (squat+bench press) as well as competition (Eleiko, Ohio and others) plates and bars***

***3 Competition (including Eleiko) weightlifting bars, bumper plates and 8’x8′ platforms***

***Deadlift platforms and many specialty bars (Texas squat and deadlift bars, SSB, Trap bars, Cambered bars etc)***

***Chalk stations (use it to your heart’s content)***

***Airdyne bikes and Row machines***

***Prowlers and Sleds with a 75′ agility/strongman run***

***Every piece of Strongman Equipment imaginable ***

We offer 3 membership options:

—$90/month: access to everything above and our program database

—(Email for pricing): Coaching membership that includes custom programming

—(Email for pricing): Custom membership that includes nutrition consulting and private or semi-private coaching sessions


Contact us or email E: