End of Summer Promo – MEMBERSHIP


Now that you have summer holidays and activities out of your system, its time to get back to work in the gym with a Membership at Mettle!

Our end of Summer promo is sure to entice you back to becoming the ASS-KICKER you are meant to be. Sign up before Sept 1st and get the following in BONUSES:


-A FREE Functional Movement Screening ($155 Value learn more HERE  )

-A FREE 1st month of customized programming ($170 Value learn more about our programming: HERE) and you can continue with your coach at a reduced rate until the new year! (Conditions apply)

-Your choice of a FREE group nutrition course or one free week of Strongman/Strongwoman classes ($120 Value)

Why train at Mettle? Well for starters as a member you get access to:

-The best equipment possible to get strong and fit: Competition strongman, powerlifting and weightlifting equipment as well as many agility and conditioning toys to whip you into shape

-The best environment possible: Many of the best strength athletes from Western Canada train here and are eager to cheer you on to the best version of yourself

-The best coaches available: We have decades of combined experience in strength sports and team/individual sports and can help you tackle any goal

-24 hour access to the gym and several amenities including an infra-red sauna

-All of this amounts to your best shot at creating the strongest, most awesome version of yourself

Don’t wait. Call us 3067570595 or email us at mettleptc@gmail.com today to book a free consultation and get started

OR Enter your contact details here and we will gladly get a hold of you to get started

***Some conditions apply–please contact staff for details

***Memberships at Mettle are intended for intermediate and advanced trainees. We can fast track beginners through our classes, one on one or semi-private coaching programs!