2017 War of the West OPEN and INVITATIONAL Powerlifting Meet


2017 War of the West promises to be an unforgettable weekend of top caliber competition. Saturday morning will be an Open Powerlifting contest open to any Canadian Powerlifting Union member at any skill level. There will be many awesome prizes up for grabs. In the afternoon we are inviting (***) the best Classic 7 men and 7 women from the the West in the CPU to compete for over $2000 in cash prizes. We anticipate some top caliber lifting and promise to deliver an incredible show. This is a prelude to Sunday’s action which will see the top Strongwomen in all of North America competing for the title of North America’s Strongest Woman as well as a Pro Strongman show.

***Please note for the invitational: we will be inviting the top (classic) 7 Men and 7 Women from the Western Provinces based on Wilks. If you feel you deserve a spot in this session please send us an email to mettleptc@gmail.com with an entry form and we will definitely consider your entry. We will require a minimum Wilks of 420 for Women and 450 for Men to be considered for this session.

Entry form CLICK HERE

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Entry will be capped at:
36 Powerlifting 3-lift Open
14 Powerlifting 3-lift Invitational
NO bench Only Sorry
Competition Information
Sanctioned by: Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association
All Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU)/International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) rules apply.

This event is open to any CPU member. You must be a registered member of the CPU. Memberships can be obtained here:

2017 War of the West Venue:
Mettle Performance Training Center
645 Angus Street
Regina, SK

Saturday May 20th, 2017

Open Powerlifting Weigh In – 7:00am
Open Powerlifting Start – 9:00am

Invitational Powerlifting Weigh In – 1:30PM
Invitational Powerlifting Start – 3:30PM

• A detailed schedule of sessions and flight number will be sent to registered athletes following the entry deadline. This is a tentative schedule and will be subject to change based on number of athletes confirmed.

Age Categories & Weight Classes: Age and weight categories will be in accordance with CPU/IPF rules.

Age categories: Sub-Junior (14-18), Junior (19-23), Open (any age), Master I (40-49), Master II (50-59), Master III (60-69), Master IV (70-79) (Note: Master IV is male only)

Female weight classes: 43kg, 47kg, 52kg, 57kg, 63kg, 72kg, 84kg, 84+kg
Male weight classes: 53kg, 59kg, 66kg, 74kg, 83kg, 93kg, 105kg, 120kg, 120+kg
(Note: women’s 43kg and men’s 53kg only apply to sub-junior and junior competitors)

All athletes are expected to understand and comply by the technical rules as defined by the International Powerlifting Federation: http://www.powerlifting-ipf.com/fileadmin/ipf/data/rules/technical-rules/english/IPF_Technical_Rules_Book_2016__1_.pdf

Classic and Equipped Powerlifting:
As defined by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). For more information on classic and equipped lifting and approved equipment, please visit: http://www.powerlifting-ipf.com/rules/approved-list.html.

Records: Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association record setting is available at this meet.

Doping Control:
The CPU follows the rules and regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). By being a CPU member, you accept the possibility of being selected for doping control.

Note: CPU cards can be purchased from www.powerlifting.ca, and must be purchased in advance of the meet.