New to Mettle: Player-coach sessions in Olympic Weightlifting.

Have you ever wanted to learn the snatch or clean and jerk and how they can apply to your training? Maybe you would like to compete in the ever-growing sport of Olympic Weightlifting?

We are happy to have Corey come on board as a weightlifting coach and show you how! Check out his bio here.

To begin we are offering player-coach sessions from Corey Tuesdays and Thursdays 430-630PM. These will be lead by him refining your technique while he trains alongside you. These will be $20 to drop in or $16ea if you sign up for 2x/week for 8 weeks. From now until the end of January, if you purchase a coaching membership ($170/month) you will get access to Mettle and Corey’s sessions as well as custom programming. That is a steal of a deal. Give us a shout (3067570595) or email for more details.