2016 War of the West Mettle May Long Weekend

powerlifting regina

We are kicking off War of the West May Long weekend (Sat May 21st) with POWERLIFTING


Sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association come out and compete against some of the best the West has to offer.

Squat, bench and deadlift (3 lift only) equipped and unequipped and capped at 2 sessions/56 lifters.

First time lifters are more than welcome and encouraged to compete. Veterans, here’s your chance to showcase all your hard work. This contest will be a big draw so get those entries in asap.

Entry form and more info can be found HERE


This will be a 2 part contest. First it will be the first of a 2 part series that will grant professional status to one Western Canadian Strongman. This athlete will be granted entry to professional contests in the “Strongman Circuit” sports league. The will granted this based off total point accumulation over 2 contests with this obviously only being one of them. For this strongman contest there will be no weight classes. Secondly this contest will serve as a strongwoman qualifyer to the Saskatchewan CAASA provincial championships scheduled for later in the season. This is one of 2 provincial qualifiers for the strongwomen and out of these 2 shows only top 8 women from each weightclass will be granted entry into provincials. With the CAASA national championships in Regina this year you gals better train hard.

Strongman Events:

Last man Standing Log Press: Starting weight 250 lbs. 15Lb jumps on attempts
Frame Carry/ Farmers walk medley (60ft/60ft): 650 frame/ 330lb farmers
Deadlift for reps: standard bar, standard height. 620Lbs
Yoke Race (60 ft): 800 lbs
Stone Run (5 stones): 265, 300, 335, 370, 370

Strongwoman Events:

Log Clean and Press for reps: LW&MW 110 lbs. HW&SHW 130 lbs
Frame Farmers Medley (60ft/60ft): LW&MW 300 frame/ 150 farmers, HW&SHW 375 frame/ 180 farmers
Deadlift for reps: LW&MW 275, HW&SHW 365 standard height, standard bar
Yoke race: LW&MW 350 lbs, HW&SHW 425 lbs
Stone over Bar: LW&MW 165 or 205, HW&SHW 205 or 230 (to 48 inches)


This will be a great year for Strongman and Strongwoman in Western Canada so get training. Download your entry form here: 2016 WoW Strongman Entry