Bring a friend for FREE!!! Personal Training and more

personal training in regina

From now until the end of Feb you can bring a friend to train with you for free at Mettle. This goes for clients and members, coaching sessions and drop ins. Bring the same friend each time or bring a new friend its up to you. Tell your pals to come be a part of your awesome community! Personal Training, Semi-Private Training, Group fitness classes, powerlifting, strongman and strongwoman in Regina, SK.

Our community is full of diverse people. Here is a testimonial from Sharlene Rowe:

“Denis has been my coach for a year now . When I first started working with him I was confused with to much internet info on diet and exercise. I tried so many different things but wasn’t seeing results. I was exercising min 2 hours per day everyday and it was time for a change. I needed answers ! I was skeptical before our first meeting and was even gonna cancel. I thought maybe this wasnt for me. My job is very physically demanding and I new I couldn’t starve myself like some diet programs do but I thought I would meet with him and see what he said. upon talking with Denis and getting filled with knowledge and the answers I was searching for I was super pumped and ready to begin my new lifestyle journey Denis understood my fears and my hopes and I felt I could relate to him.he adapted his program to fit me and my busy daily routine. I learnt less is more I was working out 4 days week after he slowly weaned me off of 7 days. My calorie intake went from 2000 to 3200. I am 20 pounds lighter lean and toned and way more confident like I always wanted. My results are amazing! When I have doubts Denis always says trust in the system. Trusting someone I just met was hard but I did and that’s why I’m where I am today I am totally happy to call Denis my coach and look forward to my fitness future with him. He is very highly recommended.”