trainer memberships


Trainer Memberships at Mettle will transform your business. Truly be in control of your growth with this low cost option. Train your clients in an exciting, supportive environment. Be in charge but still have the wisdom and advice of coaches to call on that have been in the industry for many years. The details:

  • A low cost training membership per month gets you unlimited access to the gym facilities. If you plan on having groups larger than 4 we will need to discuss peak time options
  • You may also pay a trainer's drop in fee should you only want to come to Mettle a few times per month
  • If you are just getting started, we have SEVERAL creative options to help get you going including a discounted rate or sub-contractor options. (please email for more details)
  • You collect your fees and they are your's to keep
  • Network with our very experienced staff and never feel like you need to compete, only collaborate
  • Set your schedule, fees, structure, programming and truly let your entrepreneurial spirit fly
What your clients need to know:
  • They will need to purchase either a discounted membership if they plan on only training at Mettle with you or a full membership if they would like to train on their own outside of your sessions. This portion is collected on our EFT forms that we will help you facilitate.
  • They may also purchase a discounted $10 (normally $20) drop-in fee that they can pay in house or you can remit for them.
  • Mettle is the most supportive atmosphere for getting strong, period. We would put our community up against any in the country and we believe in supporting each other. Everybody and every skill level is welcome.
With over 50 5 Star Facebook Reviews  and over 40 5 Star Google Reviews  , it's clear to see Regina loves Mettle and we love Regina. Bring your clients to a fun, supportive and awesome gym! If you would like more information please email us and we would be happy to have you down for a chat and a tour to discuss how you can launch the most awesome career path today.  


Please contact us for pricing options